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Here’s what my clients and trainees have said about EFT

A huge THANK YOU for the time you spend in Cork in teaching this amazing technique!

I have to say I so enjoyed the Matrix Reimprinting course – anyone who is a practitioner or knows EFT should make it a priority to do this course.

[It was] my second time doing this course and I gained so much extra from it. On a personal level it helped me to unearth issues that I keep pushing away but I have made a list and will start to use the matrix on it. It was a joy to watch so many on the course gain a lot out of the weekend!

I feel amazing after the weekend – I just want to add your style and delivery of the course is an inspiration and a joy to witness.

AS, Ireland

I just wanted to thank you again for the weekend. I really enjoyed the course and it was lovely to finally meet you after hearing A & P talk about you.

The weekend did me the world of good. It’s really helped me to click a few pieces of the puzzle into place. It’s a little freaky how I have been realising how things are connected even on a very subtle level. My energy and tiredness levels are improving as well, I don’t have the heaviness that has accompanied me for so long now – even though I still feel tired, I have enough energy to do things which is a big bonus for me. And while I know I have a few (a good few :-) ) issues to resolve, I now have the tools and the desire to do so.

Another thing that I will be adding to my EFT diary is my feelings about spiders. I absolutely hate them and would be almost physically sick over them. Can’t sleep if there is one in the bedroom kind of thing. When I went home last night, there was a big spider on the stairs, I still squished him because they are not allowed in my house but I had no reaction to seeing him – it didn’t make me feel icky or anything like that. And I wasn’t even bothered this morning listening to a radio show talking about spider experiences. Usually I would have changed stations but I didn’t, I didn’t even shiver. And it was something I didn’t even think about working on over the weekend. So borrowing benefits without even being aware of it!!

Your compassion, support and humour throughout the weekend was wonderful, and it was a pleasure to study with you.

LS, Ireland

You’ve really helped pinpoint my emotions. I’m starting to understand them now – what a gift:)


What can I say

Ted, I can’t find the words mate, what a wonderful weekend we had, one I shall remember clearly for the rest of my life.

You really are a great bloke, and I so enjoy your company,

Paul H

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed even my one day of your course and really look forward to completing the other stages with you, whenever that happens.

You have probably heard this a million times before but the work you do and how you help people is amazing. I feel very blessed to have met you and you are a wonderful person to be around.

Melissa, Ireland

Just a quick email to thank you for a wonderful afternoon with you, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice to be able to de-stress for a day as you can imagine our work is quite pressurised.

I look forward to seeing you when you come back again, thanks again.

CH, Ireland

When I first went to see Ted, I was very unconfident and didn’t love myself. Within the first session of tapping with Ted, we got to the root cause of the problem. After a couple more sessions I felt a lot more positive. Ted is highly intuitive, compassionate and understanding. I would highly recommend a session with him.

I have to say that now I am a completely different person – so much more positive, confident and upbeat about life. I dread to think where I’d be now without EFT!

Ted – forever grateful.

Sandy, London

Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for such a wonderful [and] very empowering weekend. I am in such a better place and I look forward to even better places still. Thank you for being part of this part of my journey.

Coral, UK

Thank you for a truly life-changing workshop! I came at the suggestion of a friend who has done a couple of EFT sessions on me. I had no expectations and an open mind on whether EFT really works or not. After the work you did on my inner child I was bowled over by the change in me. For the first time in my life I actually feel like a ‘grown up’. I have started to eat cream with my cheesecake! I feel ‘fixed’ – that’s really the only way I can describe it. I am finding people are reacting differently to me, too.

I have always felt damaged emotionally by my childhood and because of that I have never been able to reach my full potential. The video you showed about 0-6 years explained everything to me about why childhood is so important and so difficult to change.

Nick has noticed the change in me too [and said] ‘the pity of it is that you were never given a secure environment in which to fail and because of that you became frightened to try new things’.

I spoke to my Dad on the phone and thought I heard him say ‘I love you’. He’s never said that before. Even my son said ‘thanks for the lunch you cooked today. I really appreciate it’!!

Last but not least I have lost the craving for chocolate!

I really think you are an amazing person. I absolutely love your presentation style and your humour. I loved the way that you made me feel special. I feel now that I have a genuine joy in being alive and I relish the prospect of new and exciting opportunities every day.


Thank you so much for the EFT session. I have decided that it is time for me to move forward and let God guide me. I just have to learn to trust. Keep up the wonderful healing work.


Thanks for your help


A big thank you for my EFT session on Sunday. It really did help me.


Thanks for your work with Joe. It has really helped him regain and keep a positive attitude with everything that is going on in his life.

JM, France

Thanks a million for a very profound session of EFT. The E-book must be the greatest gift God has bestowed on man. I love it and can’t wait to tuck in and see what magic will transpire with the effort. Thank you for sharing it with me.


Thank you for helping me sort out a few issues with EFT. It is very kind of you and I really appreciate it.


Ted, you’re a star


Thanks to you for yesterday’s healing session. Your relaxed attitude and easy going manner and gentle nature are unique God-given gifts that are an intrinsic part of your nature. I think this is a wonderful time to be on the earth. There is indeed a huge pivotal turn regarding our true calling, like people are waking up to what is real.


I know it’s a bit of a pink sparkly card but I haven’t been feeling pink or sparkly for a little while and I think it’s coming back � so thank you – there is a glitterball at the end of the tunnel!


Sincere thanks for bringing EFT into my life and hopefully a better 2008 lies ahead.


Thank you so much for the wonderful sessions we have had together. You have been so great and easy to work with and you really made me feel that you care...I found it easy to trust you and I do thank you for that.

I feel so strong and ...have an inner peace and much expectation of good things to come.

TK, Zimbabwe

Thanks a lot for the work you are doing with me. It’s helping me tremendously.


I continue to be amazed and delighted at the results I am achieving with EFT! Whereas coaching and NLP are what I focus on, EFT has become a standard when working with new and existing clients. It really is incredible!! Sometimes people keep holding on to negative energy, and EFT just blows it out of the water!!

Every client that I see now we tap, and if a session goes by and we haven’t tapped I feel disappointed. I feel that it is an added tool in my box of tricks...in fact it is ‘the’ tool which really helps people move on.

So thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

HM, Northern Ireland

Thanks, again, for all you shared with us. It was not only inspiring but incredibly useful!


Thanks for a memorable three days.

For more than 20 years I’ve been an avid devotee of personal development..., read hundreds of books and attended numerous courses, and have had some remarkable successes, mostly on business [and] material areas. However through it all I recall loneliness and unhappiness that really only ever abated when I was drinking.

For about a year I’ve been using EFT on myself with some degree of success but always aware that there is some deep seated emotion or core issue that I’ve been unable or unwilling to access.

[In your course] I think I finally got a glimpse. I was doing some work on resentment in the hotel and it hit me very hard that I don’t like myself at all and that my self image belief is very poor. It’s a starting point.

PC, Ireland

There are no words to thank you for the healing you brought to me in this difficult time in my life and in my life in general – I see a road ahead still of change and reflection but I see it easier and happier than before.


Thank you for your time and patience working with me. You have no idea how you have helped.


Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring course, Ted.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re great. I’m so lucky to have met you.


Many thanks. May your work carry on and possibly a little through me.


Thank you Ted. I feel empowered.


You are awesome, Ted. Thank you for coming into my life.


I’ve made a start in the next stage of my journey. Thank you for leading me forward!


Thank you, Ted. I really got benefit!! I’ll use this course every day.


I’m so grateful to you, Ted, for your skill, support and love.