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Matrix Reimprinting is a revolutionary new technique, developed by EFT master Karl Dawson, that advances traditional emotional freedom EFT in a number of ways.

Watch Karl use Matrix Reimprinting to help a client overcome her phobia of frogs.

Matrix Reimprinting draws upon the findings of quantum physics and the New Sciences (especially the New Biology) and recognises that we are all connected by a unified energy field. It also draws upon the findings of cutting-edge and popular scientists such as Dr Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake, and combines these with modern psychological theories and research.

  • More than 95% of our daily activities and behaviours are governed by our subconscious, which is governed by the images of past events where trauma and core beliefs were formed
  • EFT Matrix Reimprinting enables us to change these images and improve every aspect of our life
  • It’s a quick and easy to learn technique that literally changes the environmental signals to which our bodies respond

More about Matrix

In this video clip I discuss Matrix Reimprinting with Bill T Tucker of EFTandPranicHealing.com

You can also read more about Matrix Reimprinting in this article on VoyagerSpirit.com, an excerpt of which is reproduced below:

Matrix Reimprinting really demonstrates the oneness of everything in a practical way and helps people see that we all are one. A lot of us are trying to get to the feeling of being at one, connected to everything, to source, to all things, and realising that we are one. There are a number of Matrix Reimprinting case studies that really demonstrate that we are all connected and that we are all from the same source. When we are in our own lives, we are not aware that we are all connected.

Matrix Reimprinting practitioner Ted Wilmont talks about the startling coincidences and profound effects a session of Matrix Reimprinting has. He worked around an image of one client at 14 years old who at that time felt he didn’t belong. He felt like an outsider. He found it difficult to relate to females as he was scared that his mates would tease him. At the end of the Matrix Reimprinting session when he was getting resolution a girl from his past, with whom he went to school, came into the scene and they went off together and he felt happy with this new image. The client came back for an appointment the next week and he said that the girl had started thinking about him and decided to contact him. They had not been in touch since going to school but, following his Matrix Reimprinting session, she had reestablished contact and they are now dating. She just woke up a few days after the session and just knew she had to contact him.

Another of Ted’s clients had problems with her mother who was very abusive and had physically beaten her when she was younger. During the Matrix Reimprinting session Ted brought his client back to work on a number of issues, which led her to begin to see things differently. She started to understand why her mother was the way she was and understand more about herself. Working in the matrix gave clarity to her ECHOs of the past. Two weeks after the session, she rang Ted to say that she had received a text from her mum. The text said “I love you”. She said that her mother doesn’t do that. She never says that. She was overjoyed as she knows that she has changed and her life around her has changed too.

These case studies illustrate how connected we are to all people and that healing ourselves in this way helps us find a feeling of oneness. We all fear being alone, being apart and not being a part of the world. This is where Matrix Reimprinting really helps to heal as it brings community to the ECHO that was out there alone for so long, bringing back the community that we all need. It helps get people to a place where they feel less separate from source, from the world and themselves.

Some of the key points about the Matrix Reimprinting is that it brings back unity, a sense of community to that part of us when we felt completely alone and traumatised and where we did not have a strategy to deal with the trauma. It brings back all the knowledge and the wisdom that our journey has given us since that moment of trauma and this creates new images in the matrix to improve every aspect of our lives.