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Over the past few years I have used Matrix reimprinting in at least 2,000 client sessions.

Sometimes we see amazingly quick shifts that occur even faster than when using conventional EFT.

We also see that often it takes long and patient work to make real change.

It has become more evident, as Karl Dawson stresses very clearly in his training sessions, that we need to look for and change beliefs created during specific events and in the environment we experience in life.

My own experience has led me to look at the strong morphic fields of the human consciousness, in particular the primal fields of human fear and what I believe is our greatest fear: that of separation/aloneness.

Examination of this primal fear and how we reinforce this morphic field suggests to me that it is one of the oldest and most powerful fields.

Matrix reimprinting is an amazing and powerful tool that can not only change the existing morphic field but also create a new future in which we can know a life beyond fear.

In the workshop I explain how we all connect to and accept the beliefs and fears of others, and show delegates how to add their own experiences to the pot.

The weekend workshop includes demonstrations and breakout sessions over both days, as well as group discussions on how we can use Matrix reimprinting to make real change on a universal level.

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